Mandarin Madness


How to master Mandarin Chinese grammar and pronunciation


2335 days ago

While Mandarin Madness teaches people Mandarin Chinese based on audio and visual cues, the team at Native Tongue recognises that this isn’t the only method for learning a new language; each has its inherent advantages and disadvantages and each method … Continue reading

Happy Chinese New Year!


2340 days ago

The Native Tongue team wishes everyone a Happy Chinese New Year! It’s the Year of The Dragon and hope that you have a prosperous year filled with fun and excitement! Here is how you say the word “dragon”: Chinese New Year is … Continue reading

Learn Mandarin basics in under 4 minutes!


2353 days ago

The beauty of the Internet is that it can bring a private tutor to the comfort of your own home/work/computer screen en masse and for the competitive price of free! In my quest to learn Mandarin, I have started exploring … Continue reading