• Learn more quickly than with flash cards.
  • Learn to recognize both the simplified Chinese text as well as the sound, spoken by a native Mandarin speaker.
  • 3 stages and 41 levels that each get progressively more difficult to ensure your mastery of a set of words.
  • Fun arcade style gameplay that takes the tedium out of learning Mandarin Chinese vocabulary.
  • Ideal for beginner – intermediate Chinese Mandarin students.
  • Ideal for travellers to pick up some useful vocabulary whilst on the plane, train, bus or boat.


  • Words are organized into themed language packs and you are required to beat all the levels in each stage for a pack before advancing to the next stage.
  • If you can beat all 3 stages for a language pack you can be sure that you have learnt those words extremely well.


  • All our games are designed to be valuable for everyone from beginners who have never touched another language before, to the consummate professional.


  • We took no shortcuts here. All the artwork and music that you hear inside the game is 100% original and we’re proud of it!


  • The more you get right, the more difficult the game becomes. If you get it wrong, we will continually serve you up the lesson until you get it right before continuing.


  • Learning whilst playing a game? Sounds like a pretty good deal!


“Great way to learn. I’m really impressed with Mandarin Madness; it’s exactly what I’ve been looking for! I’ve been on-and-off learning Mandarin for a long time and the game is the perfect way for me to improve my vocabulary and the speed at which I can process words.” – Stephen

“Really great game that helped me get started with learning Mandarin Chinese vocabulary. Pretty amazing actually; especially how fast I was able to pick up and recognise the Chinese characters. Download… It is a steal!” – MinhD

“Awesome way to pick up some vocab! This game/tool is amazing. So much more fun and way easier than flash cards. I am using all my spare minutes waiting for buses etc. to really accelerate my Mandarin vocabulary learning. Thanks, it’s worth every cent.” – Darcy

“I downloaded Mandarin Madness three days ago and I am hooked.” – Alea


“Language app free to fly with Angry Birds: Mandarin Madness has cracked the 1000-download milestone, and has plans to leverage its unique “agnostic language mechanic” to boost its growing popularity with users in China and Korea. Being language agnostic means that the concept can roll out to any country, and also creates amazing possibilities for innovation in how people learn languages.” – Mahesh Sharma, ZDNet

“[Mandarin Madness] received a warm reception at an industry event (TechCrunch Disrupt) in Beijing and is tipped for a bright future.” – Oliver Milman, StartupSmart

“[Mandarin Madness], a Chinese language-learning application, created some serious buzz recently at the the first international TechCrunch Disrupt conference held in Beijing.” Techtype

“Of the 7 billion humans now present on the planet, over a billion speak Mandarin, the largest of the Chinese language dialects. And as China emerges as Australia’s major trading partner of the 2000s, choosing to learn Mandarin today can be seen, to put it mildly, as more than just a curious hobby.” – Christopher Mote, Anthill Magazine

“Native Tongue has devised a unique approach to language learning as it is designed to be natural language agnostic, using visual and audio sounds from gaming. This allows anyone from any language background and any age to start rapidly learning and acquiring new vocabulary. Native Tongue vision is to become a mobile game-learning platform for languages.” – Shoe String Launch

“A game that was developed to help people learn Mandarin has taken out top honours at the inaugural Startup Weekend in Melbourne.”
– Oliver Milman, StartupSmart


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